Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anticipated Backlash of Brock Lesnar's Coors Light Endorsement

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has its 100th Pay-Per-View today, and being that mixed martial arts is huge in Hawaii, I caught the last three fights. The most anticipated fight of the night was between heavyweights Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir. Mir, a Vegas-hometown favorite, won the last time the two matched up, and Lesnar was not going to have any of it.

Lesnar beat the s*** out of Mir, won the fight and was BOO-ed heavily by the crowd. He gave the crowd two large middle fingers and s***-talked Mir over the mic. The crowd's boos became louder and fueled Lesnar's meatheaded douchebaggyness. His unsportsmanlike behavior reflects badly upon the sport and UFC franchise.

Lesnar's most controversial comment was about Coors Light. When asked how he was going to celebrate his victory, he said he was going to have a beer--a Coors Light--because Bud Light won't pay him money, and then said something about being "on top of my wife".
It's no doubt advertising and endorsements are a HUGE part of the UFC. From the individual player's branded attire (brands like Tap Out, Ecko Unltd, Bad Boy) to promoting the fight venue, usually a Vegas hotel, you can't miss the blatant plugs geared towards testosterone heavy males.

Coors Light's decision to have Lesnar endorse the brand may hurt Coors more, as more UFC fans start to hate him after tonight's fight. I hope Bud Light doesn't decide to use Frank Mir as an endorser, because it would make me sick to see a beer company turn a mixed martial arts rivalry into a battle between watered-down beers.

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