Thursday, July 23, 2009

Legos Are Cool Again

I should shoot myself in the shin for naming my blog 'The Daily Zeny', because now people think I'm a huge liar for not updating everyday. Either way, this blog is my baby and I will continue to love it.

Before I talk about Legos, is it bad that I'm too embarassed to read New Moon in public and hide the book in my bag while I read it on the subway? That's what I thought, you'd do the same.

Anyways, can I just say that LEGOS are probably one of the coolest toys ever. You can fight me on this one, but really... a substitute for legos? It's like calling Band Aid, Band Aid and not knowing that Band Aid is actually the brand name.

Legos just got cooler after I saw my friend Kalei, Olivia and Kau from Hawaii, repping Chanel, LA and MLB symbols made of legos. In the past I've seen actual size replicas of a Volvo SUV and Darth Vader, but I definitely didn't get as excited.
You know why I'm excited? I'm estatic because these logos/symbols/icons are made of Legos, which are ICONS IN ITSELF. It's Brandgasmic, and it makes me all excited. Also, I think they're kinda cool and probably a really effective marketing concept that works for a range of ages. You're never too old for legos.

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