Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Home Sweet Hawaii - Day 1

Before I start a full-time career at Digitas in NYC, I wanted to see my family and old friends . The perks of having an Airline working parent is the freedom of flying standby and, every so often, flying First Class.

I flew out of Boston for San Francisco at 6 a.m.. The sun rose as I boarded.I couldn't get a flight to Honolulu, so I flew to Kahului, Maui instead. Waiting to board Hawaiian Airlines and drink Passion Orange Nectar Juice.
I see home! Gorgeous and I can't wait to land. Flying makes me so nauseous.
Homegrown Papayas (my favorite fruit) for breakfast. Lounging in Waialae
I know New York is going to be amazing, but the older I get, the more I long for home. Can't we teleport already? Flying is awful.

There's so much to look forward to the week at home: I got a freelance copywriting gig that requires me to visit the Windward side of Oahu; eating lots of sushi; beach; playing shut-the-box with my siblings; eating homecooked meals (my grandma's satay is the S***); BBQ local style poke-and-all. It's nice to be home.


  1. you got shut the box?! we HAVE TO play before you go.. and i will bring it when i visit too :)

  2. hoooo. those are some serious papayas. thats probably the best flesh to seed ratio ive seen in a long time. possibly ever.