Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Talk Tennis

Yesterday, like a proper lady, I watched the Wimbledon men's final between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. It was an epic battle between the Euro D-bag and Stifler, and naturally, I was rooting for Stifler to score. Even though Federer was at the brink of winning his 15th grand slam, you could sense the crowd was hoping for a Roddick underdog story, a victory to shatter all expectations. BUT another American disappointment occurred (the last being men's soccer), and the gold-wearing god Federer WON in all his Nike glory.

To be honest, I paid less attention to the game and more attention examining the heavy branding of tennis fashion. Federer's Nike, Roddick's Lacoste, Ball boy's Ralph Lauren--it was a label tea party.When Federer put on his gold-trimmed-collar-popped-'RF'-label Nike Tracksuit with the number '15' embroidered on the lower-back I wanted to gag all my leftover independence day food. Then NIKE and Net Jets commericals came on featuring Federer and congratulating him on his win... I felt a little cheated. All premeditated. All about advertising.

Federer isn't just winning a 'tennis match', he's winning a whole empire. It's world domination, and that I can celebrate to. Congrats Roger on being the best! Nike updated their tennis site to feature Federer and his 15 grand slams:Like in the Roman Empire days, Federer is basking in his glory as a legend, a gladiator (I'm making all this BS up) but the bigger question is, Who's goes home to this hottie?


  1. where is the girl from? so confused silly zeny.

  2. ^^thats andy's wifey.

    but yo, its kinda funny-i almost wrote on exactly the same topic you just did - fashion, federer's clothing line, and tennis, but i went in a somewhat different direction.