Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Adventuring DUMBO

My labor day was very much laborious. I did the one thing I do best--walk. I walked along the FDR riverside park (or whatever it's called) from 10th Street all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm always discouraged by throngs of tourist, but as you walk across the bridge, the crowds dwindle exponentially.

I've heard a lot about some pizza place and some ice cream place on the 'other side'. Pizza + Ice Cream = Enough Motivation for me to explore the cute neighborhood of DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Like the elephant, DUMBO is very cute with its cobblestone streets, abandoned warehouses and boutique bakeries. It's feels a little like Brick Lane meets downtown Seattle.

Two pieces of advice:
1) DUMBO is a cash-only type of place. ATMs are rare and most of them are out of service. Don't bet on finding a BoA (Bank of America).
2) Expect to wait for 1-2 hours at Grimaldi's. Local advice is to call in your order for pick-up. If they ask where you live, say the 'Eagle Storage' building.

Photo Recap:
FDR park
Yay, I'm in the BK.
Grimaldi's--great example of a mom&pop shop.
Plastic bag flags--I saw a Boston Garment District bag.
A must-go park
18" italian sausage and onion pizza for two. yummm.
Three slices each--one to go.
BK ice cream factory. I wanted Strawberry. They ran out, so I got Peaches and Cream. A worthy replacement.
What the 'other side' sees

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