Sunday, September 6, 2009

NYC Picture Post: Move-In, Roof Deck, Teri Burgers

I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy settling into my NYC residence! Gabs, Ted, Sean, my bro and I spent a long Tuesday unloading a packed Penske truck on the Upper East Side and East Village. The morning at Gabs and Ted's on the UES went smoothly, until we picked up a 160 lbs fridge in Murray Hill for my place...
Surprisingly, we (by 'we' I don't mean 'me', I mean Sean, Ted and my brother) got the fridge up five flights of stairs VERY SLOWLY; however, getting the box spring up was a whole other story.
Apparently a full size box spring doesn't fit up our staircase so our options were: 1) saw the box spring in half 2) carry the box spring up from the fire escape.

We had no saw or wire cutters, so up the fire escape it is! I don't think anyone has stepped on the fire escape in a 100 years. My brother and Ted carried a full box spring up the side of our building, only to find out it doesn't fit through the opening at the very top. Aaarrrggghh. 3 1/2 hours wasted. We decided to throw the box spring off the fire escape and trash the box spring.
Sunset from my roof deck--soooo nice.
Spiral staircase sealed the deal.
I threw Zack a bbq on his last night in the city with homemade Teri Burger patties and all.Empire's red, white and blue for labor day from our roof. Happy long weekend!
Finally I can relax.


  1. i am SO sad i missed the famous burgers and saying by to zach. he was our moving hero! roof soon :)

  2. awesome burger. not awesome move-in day.

  3. i laughed so hard when i read this about the box spring and then i felt so sad that i can't go to fun roof deck parties with you guys (and that your roof deck now totally trumps mine)..let me know when we can talk soon!