Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Would Don Draper Do?

I created a 'WWDDD' poster to remind Ad Men and Women of the glamour, passion and risk-taking that once was an exciting, booming industry. If you ever find yourself in unusual or difficult circumstance, ask yourself: What would Don Draper do?
Click on Image to Enlarge or Print (and post in every corner of your ad agency)

Circumstance: Your office party is serving only cheap, domestic light beer.
WWDDD: Pour a glass (made of pure crystal) of Bourbon from a whiskey collection sitting in your own office/cubicle mini bar.

Circumstance: Your new business pitch totally didn't excite the client.
WWDDD: If your client is a man, take him out for a drink and after talk business. If you client is a woman, take her out to dinner and then get down to business.

Luckily, Don Draper advice is also available @WWDDD or visit or Small steps to making Advertising fun and sexy again.

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