Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forget Gold, I Want the SMYTHE Point Blanket Coat

Oh Canada, finally something more desirable than your maple syrup!  Rachel Bilson recently sported an adorable, comfy coat at the Vancouver Olympics designed by Toronto-based label SMYTHE.  The limited-edition coats--only 10 were made (I really hope this is a lie)--are made out of the Canadian Clothing store Hudson's Bay Company's signature point blanket.  Besides the wide-rainbow stripes and oversized hood, I'm in love with the single clasp.  Oh, and I really like the really large pocket.  It was like SMYTHE made this jacket for me--easy access, great to pass out in because its practically a blanket and it can hold my chapstick, camera and a little snack!  AHHH I WANT ONE. 


  1. fuck that. go usa. we invented the blanket jacket, yes they are actually called that.

    Pendleton, Filson, Woolrich, RRL all have variations on it.

    I got a filson one. its a hunting jacket and the entire back is a pocket. its original purpose was for holding ducks that you killed, but now it easily swallows a couple of books or a laptop. it also has 4 snap.close pockets aaand 2 separate pockets for you hands.

    that jacket also looks suspiciously like pendletons glacier national park blanket.

    id also like to give a shout out to the opening ceremony x pendleton collab.


  2. that looks like a snuggie with a clasp.

  3. How incredible humourous. Another American who thinks they've invented everything.

    The Hudson Bay blanket pre-dates the United States, and was a product of the Hudson Bay Company, a Canadian institution for over 300 years. They are ivory wool with distinctive red, yellow, and green stripes, and the blankets come in various sizes and weights. They are heirloom quality pieces.

    Hundreds of years ago, Hudson Bay blankets were used by fur traders to acquire fur pelts. Since the native Indians couldn't read, the black stripes on the edges indicate how many pelts were needed to trade per blanket. Pendleton and others also make the blankets; they are knock-offs.

    Hudson Bay blankets are famous in this country, they are a symbol of Canada, and it's wonderful that they have been styled into coats for the Vancouver Olympics. A most appropriate Canadian fashion statement.