Sunday, February 21, 2010

USA vs. Canada, Miracle Part 2?

Will the US Men's Ice Hockey team beat Canada this Sunday and relive the same underdog victory that the US did over the Soviet Union in 1980?  Will this be another 'Miracle on Ice'?  Most predict not because Canada the home-team just won't let it happen.

Today at 7:40 pm starts the one game that will set the tone for Canada in the remaining week of the Winter Olympics.  As the host country, Canada is probably not too happy being fifth in the medal count with eight medals, but there is only one thing that matters to them--HOCKEY, and that Gold medal is one Canada cannot lose.  That doesn't mean I am cheering for Crosby and the Canada kids, because USA with a winning record so far, allowing only one goal from Switzerland and Norway, has just as much of a reason to win Gold.  It may not be the Cold War but its a frickin recession and we Americans need a reason to BELIEVE!  Unemployment is at an all-time low, young Americans are losing faith in the college system, dumb celebrities are taking over our televisions and Tiger cheated on his wife... WE NEED A MIRACLE!

I have been looking forward to this game for the past week and I want it to be close, good fight.  I'm starting the morning off with a recap of the US's last two games (DVR'ed it), then watching Disney's Miracle and throwing on my BU jersey signed by 2009 National Champs (if anybody knows a miracle, it's this team).  AHHHH, I'm so ready for this and you should be ready too.  Watch the 1980 Miracle: 

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