Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Rooftop BBQ Is Back

NYC hit 80 degrees this weekend, which means... BBQ!
Big thanks to:
Sophie, for her secret dip that rocked my world
Jason, for the giant container of brandy apples in my fridge (more Sangria?)
Larissa, for always bringing the sausage and 40s
Hannah, for eating the food (so proud!)
Sindoni, for her beanie weanies which we did not eat yet (more for the both of us)
Steve, for bringing the meat
Ben, for making the strangest but surprisingly good salad of avocado, strawberry pears & pine nuts?
Ted, for getting a haircut downstairs before the BBQ
Amanda, for moving to NYC from Orlando (WELCOME)
Gabs & Tori, for the most amazing corn
Steph, for breaking my anti-social stint
Sean, for manning the grill and looking good while doing it
Nina & Alex, for the mochi ice cream and the German jokes that ensued

Friends, food and lots of NHL hockey.  My day is complete.


  1. My dip was mentioned first! Woo! Also, what German jokes!?!?
    Thank YOU Zeny for having us all over on your fabulous roof and breaking your anti-social stint! xx

  2. yeah what German jokes haha?
    i love you roof. i think i will miss it more than i will miss the people on it :P