Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kelly Cutrone, The New & Cooler Oprah

The ONLY smart thing said tonight during MTV's back-to-back premiere of The Hills and The City was fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone's response to Whitney Port's doubts about showing at Fashion Week: "Average people love to be average because nobody bothers them.  Do you want to be average?"

Of course not.  No one wants to be average Kelly!

Cutrone started with a small role as the brutally honest boss on The Hills, and now has her own show on Bravo called Kell On Earth and a book called If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.  It may seem like she is milking her 15 minutes of fame, but I have to disagree--Kelly Cutrone is the best thing that has happened  to MTV and reality television.  She's reaching a whole other demographic that Tyra, Oprah or Ellen can't.  It's the demographic of young women (and maybe gay men) who aspire for fame and success, who want to attend the hottest clubs and wear black patent stilettos to work.

She is like a Master Jedi, always so wise and very right.  I want to see more of Kelly on The City and in the media (she's smarter than that and will probably refrain from doing more), but maybe Kelly can save our generation of fake-boob, botoxed-out, gossip-obsesessed young women.  And if not, I don't blame her for not wanting to.

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