Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Awesome Cube Leads To Happiness At Work

The best and only advice I received about making a new office/desk/cube feel like home or as inspirational as your last location is to decorate it and make it a destination.  A destination you would want to go everyday to work.  And, decorate my cube I did.
My cube/pod was a little 'red' heavy with all the BU and Digitas memorabilia but I think I balanced it out pretty well with the giant, green cardboard palm tree in the center (which I found in our recycling bin.  Score for old party decorations!).  It's a work in progress, but I already feel my work progressing!  I feel very focused in my little Oasis.  Now all I need is a mini fridge.

Advice:  If your work environment feels a little uninspired or stale--pull some pages out of your favorite magazine and start plastering it on your cube.  Bring lamps, books, statues, jerseys, pucks (for paperweights) or paper palm trees, but DECORATE YOUR CUBE YOU MUST.  There are some things at work you don't have control over (like the fact that they moved you to a different cube or office), but decorating your cube anyway you want--Bauhaus, sorority style, hipster or sports fanatic--to keep you inspired and excited for work is a privilege you have to use.

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