Thursday, April 15, 2010

As Close To The Stanley Cup I'll Ever Get

The NHL Playoffs begin today!  The NHL Network brought the Stanley Cup to the MediaVest office today, and forgive my language, I almost dropped panties (I wouldn't of course).  I am more excited than ever for the playoffs because 1) I actually care since I am no longer in college 2) There's fighting in professional hockey 3) It's a longer season; but, will I ever be as loyal to any professional team as I am to the Boston University Terriers?  Probably not. 
Every night, I watch Stanley Cup Playoff commericals that replay hockey legends hoisting the cup over their heads, kissing it gently like it is the greatest achievement in their life, and Me--I do paid search--I get to touch this prized possession! This is as close as I'll ever get to the cup.  I may never play hockey, but I appreciate what the Stanley Cup playoffs stand for--it stands for close calls, smart plays, great opportunity--and the team that wins will see every championship team before them engraved into the cup, with the most recent Pittsburgh Penguins, and know that they are among the best.

I feel very lucky because this isn't the first time my work has led me to a trophy.  When I interned at the Greater Boston Visitors & Convention Bureau, I got to see the 2007 World Series Trophy, which also made me almost drop panties.  I'm very grateful to be able to share what some people work their whole lives for--it's inspiring, it really is.  God, I love hockey.

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