Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adult Swim Upfront Featuring M.I.A.

Adult Swim just one-upped the upfront game with an awesome party last night at Gotham Hall featuring M.I.A.  Big thanks to Sam and Tony (and the combined effort of Patrick & Eric) for letting me go!  Gotham Hall is like the Colosseum... ridiculous.  High ceilings, large columns, a glass dome--in conjunction with the laser light show and projected animation on the walls--my eyes were tripping out by the beauty of it all.  It was like a cooler version of Disneyland that served endless booze and cocktail shrimp.  Gold bars of chocolate stacked on the bar, snarky napkins that say 'Show Your Love With Your Money' and a dress-up photo booth emphasized that Adult Swim is NOT like other networks.  It's edgier, fun and appeals to a more 'interesting' demo (adults that don't want to grow up).

The night ended with a performance by M.I.A.  As expected she rocked but the acoustics of the building did not.  I couldn't hear her sing and the music echoed.  Nevertheless, I danced like a crazy person and loved every second of it.  Nights like these make the 10 hour days worth it. 

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