Friday, May 7, 2010

Shatner, Saget & Gunn: The AETN Upfront

I never thought David Hasselhoff, Tony Danza, Tim Gunn, William Shatner, Bob Saget (!!), Tia & Tamara, John Legend and The Roots would ever attend the same party, but A&E Television Networks did it last night at their Upfront (so I've learned, it's an event where networks showoff the exciting shows they have in store for the next season to advertisers) held in Frank Gehry's IAC building in Chelsea.

A&E--known to me as the channel of the addictive show Intervention--is a part of a very diverse network that includes Lifetime, History Channel and Bio.  Honestly, any event with Danny from Full House doing perverted-humor stand up, an endless sushi bar and John Legend & The Roots can do no wrong.

I think Summer Roberts from The O.C. said in an episode that 'the History Channel is the NEW Food Network'.  WHO DOESN'T LOVE HISTORY?  I was happy to see high energy and optimism from the Network as it showcased its many new original shows (America The Story of Us) and some existing ones (Project Runway, Army Wives, Dog the Bounty Hunter).  

The crowd was filled with good-looking suits, Tory Burch-esque dresses, blow outs and then, us, the digital people in our kicks and cardigans.  John Legend performed new tracks off his upcoming album featuring The Roots, and of course, Legend performed "Ordinary People" and "Green Light".  My first Upfront was a success, and I can see why Digitas held the first ever Digital Upfront/Newfront last year, because events surrounding new, innovative content are awesomeee.  

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