Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All My Mad Men Dreams Come True

Adify threw a Mad Men party tonight at the west side's Studio 450 that would make Matthew Weiner proud.  Guests were greeted by Joan Holloway secretaries giving out plastic pearl necklaces to the ladies and fedoras for the men.  The loft space was decked out in 50s furniture--oak conference tables, slide projectors, typewriters, whiskey glasses--and the Adify team dressed up pretty well: the men in fitted suits, skinny ties, black-rim glasses, the ladies in pearls, gloves, up-dos and skinny waist belts.  I had on my pearls and red lipstick but my black cotton hoodie sort of ruined the look.

I wonder if all the furniture was rented or purchased...if there is a Rent-a-Mad-Men-Party service that I could call for an event like my birthday.  That would be amazing.  It would be even more amazing if it was FREE... the girl wishes.

Studio 450 is beautiful, two massive floors of open loft space and the roof top overlooks Midtown Manhattan and the New Yorker building.  Views like that remind me why I love New York and the industry I work in.  Just another day in the life of a Mad Woman.

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