Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meatloaf Plating Battle, Psychiatrist and the Prince of Wales

The East Village gang remains together even in Williamsburg, and last night we had a delicious meatloaf dinner (Sean's family secret recipe), a few rounds of boys vs. girls taboo and then, our NEW FAVORITE GAME--Psychiatrist!  Friends who play games together, stay together (unless it's Monopoly then serious damage could happen).  While the rest of NY was probably in slutty costume in the fun 40° weather, we opted for the lazy person's Halloween and went to Radegast Biergarten.  Oh and lucky for us Alan from The Hangover was also there.

Don't forget to support the new "plating battle" tradition (remember Shniztel and Chicken?) and Vote for your favorite meatloaf plate here!

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