Monday, October 18, 2010

Fashion Forward Jackasses

"Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville.  I'm also a very well-dressed, good looking fellow, and WELCOME TO JACKASS!"  
High-top Chucks, Dickies work pants, classic Ray Ban wayfarers, vintage cardigan and tee--since 2000, Johnny Knoxville has been rockin' the "I wake up in the morning and look this good" look harder than Don Draper.  Jackass (one of the best TV shows), for the past decade, has made the lumberjack skateboarder look more fashionable than Chuck Bass' bowties and Snooki's poof with plaid flannel, 90s neon, witty t-shirts, skate shoes and the occasional man thong/sailor hat combo.  Oh and don't forget the fat suit.

Whether it's dressed as a panda or a butt disguised as a hilly terrain, I have always enjoyed the Jackass crew and their entertaining outfits.  Certainly this is America, a place full of different disguises, swearing, poop--a place where pretty much anything goes.  

God I love America, and America loves Jackass (not kidding #1 in the box office with $50 million this weekend).

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