Thursday, October 7, 2010

@GapLogo and Crap Logo Yourself is the Best Part About Gap's New Logo

Stunt.  Joke.  Poor Taste.  You can call it whatever you want but that ugly Gap Logo is still sitting on the upper left corner of and it's driving everyone insane that the twittersphere and Google has been buzzing about it all day--and I am sure GAP is happy about it.  You can't say that Smirnoff is unhappy that Bros Icing Bros helped skyrocket sales and empty shelves of Smirnoff Ice, well, GAP has nothing to be upset about that people are finally caring and talking about a brand that was slowly and quietly dying.

In one of my past posts "What Does Gap Need to Do to Be Cool Again?", I mentioned that GAP needed to start thinking outside of the box... they may have taken that advice too literally and changed their logo.  Could Gap's new logo be the new Old Spice man?  Is controversial rebranding the new viral marketing?   I don't have any answers but I do know that @GapLogo is effin hilarious and is bringing some good energy to the sad new logo.
Also, another bonus is now we can all create really ugly logos with Crap Logo Yourself.
And it poops this out:
OMG my eyes.

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  1. I never heard before about GAP. It is very interesting and coll to me. Its logo is looking great.