Thursday, January 27, 2011

11-11-11, How My Biggest Fear Isn't Just Turning 25 Anymore

I have been looking forward to the year 2011 since 2000...why 2000? Because I knew we had survived the Y2K and that the 2000s were real, but... why 2011? Because not only is my favorite number "11" (I waited for my University's graduation countdown clock to hit 11 days 11 hours 11 mins 11 sec), I turn a quarter of a century on 11-11-11! Yes, this beyond awesome date happens once every hundred years and I turn 25 (ahhhhh mid twenties) on it. I'm not super religious or spiritual but I am somewhat of a math and symmetry nerd so obviously the date 11-11-11 has great significance to me.

I had big plans for this wonderful 11-11-11 Friday birthday, possibly party in the City with Diddy or most likely eat a ton of food with my closest friends followed by some (drinking) games.  Whatever we end up doing, the plan was to make it a day of celebration, UNTIL THE DIRECTOR OF THE SAW SERIES DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN DECIDED TO CREATE A HORROR FILM INSPIRED BY THE DATE "11-11-11".  WTFart.

There are very few things that I dislike: 1) Scary Movies, 2) Roller Coasters, and 3) Kasha.  Yes, that earthy grainy stuff Ukranians eat.  Being intentionally scared and voluntarily putting myself through traumatic, disturbing experiences is not what I call fun.  I absolutely hate scary movies, I even have to close my eyes during the previews on TV.  And now, Bousman has turned my numerically symmetric date into a money-making thriller that will probably come out only in 3D (or 11D?).  Of all things to make a movie about, why couldn't 11-11-11 be a romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and a hot actress! Why a scary movie?!

I'll admit there are some intriguing and crazy theories about 11-11-11 that are worth pursuing.  I'm a huge believer in chance happenings--the most significant moments of my life were all by chance like meeting my boyfriend randomly at a Carnival, BU scoring 2 goals in less than a minute in the National title game which also happened to be the last hockey game of my college career and the birth of my lovely, beautiful sister--anyways, maybe this film is a test.  Maybe I need to face my fear of scary movies in order to fully grow up, or it could just mean your mid-twenties is absolutely SCARY.

All I know is this date means a lot to me for one reason or another, and for the rest of you crazy, scary movie fans you have something to look forward to too.

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  1. don't worry zeny. november overall is still the best month. as for turning 25, i am petrified as well. even if i wasn't already, no amount of pad thai could make me go see this movie.