Sunday, January 9, 2011

Puka Plate Lunch PRIDE

One of the highlights of my recent trip home to Hawaii was visiting (and eating at) my family's new restaurant Puka Plate Lunch, which opened in Kalihi Valley last November.  Puka Plate Lunch has been open for almost two months and already feels at home in the friendly, family-oriented Kalihi Community.  During my 2-hour cashiering stint on my last day in Hawaii, a man walked in with his order memorized, "hamburger steak with one scoop rice" (usually comes with two), and when I gave him his plate lunch he said "this is the best hamburger steak I've ever had."  At that moment I thought, all the long hours and hard work my parents and family friends have put into this place is definitely worth it.

Puka's mission is to serve delicious local food and I can say first hand that they have succeeded.   Everything I had was delicious: Chicken Katsu, Mochiko Chicken, Garlic Chicken, Walnut Shrimp, Chili Cheese Fries and BBQ Kalbi.  Puka is also gaining buzz on the interwebs with some early reviews on Yelp and positive posts by local Hawaii bloggers like Eatizen Jane and SideCulture.

The restaurant is small but has that hole-in-the-wall charm you look for when craving a place for comfort foods.  Seeing the restaurant finally in person made me really proud of the branding work I did on the name and logo.  I truly appreciate everyone who stopped by Puka to support my family and please visit Puka's Facebook Page:

Don't forget to pick up a loyalty card
The logo looks sweet in this custom-made stamp
Special thanks to all my friends who checked out Puka Plate Lunch
View from behind the counter
I could really go for some plate lunch right now.  Boo for long distance.

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