Monday, January 17, 2011

Felix Morelo, the Man Who Draws Many Faces

You may have seen a mysterious man with a piece of white chalk drawing circular faces, one after another in a line down a sidewalk near Union Square or in Central Park or more recently (like tonight around 8 pm) on a Manhattan bound L Train.  This man of many faces is NYC Artist Felix Morelo, who I had met last summer on a sunny Saturday at Union Square park.  I was leaving the farmer's market and saw an unusual line of faces on the sidewalk and decided to follow it for about 10 feet, when I saw a smiling man (similar in expression to the faces he draws) sitting on a upside down milk carton crate, carefully sketching one face after another.  I went up to him and told him I liked what he was doing (and was a bit curious why he was doing it) and he handed me a hand drawn business card that said "Felix Morelo - Artist" that had an original sketch of two random people in hot pink gel pen.  That day, Felix hand-drew 1,420 unique faces with white chalk circling Union Square park.

Felix's street art is very temporary (foot traffic and rain keep his art from even lasting a day) and those who are fortunate enough to experience the joy in his faces will understand why this man with a piece of white chalk is so special.
I bumped into Felix Morelo's faces again tonight on the L Train heading towards 1st Ave, and he sketched a face onto the train's floor that looks just like me & my BU Frozen Fenway beanie.
To learn more about Felix Morelo, visit his website  

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