Monday, February 28, 2011

Can Pauly D Sell Miracles or Miracle Whip?

Pauly D is the most loved or most sane (Vinny slept with Snooki remember?) cast mate of Jersey Shore and has played a supporting role on the show as an awkward situation ice breaker, peacemaker and reliable reminder of when the "Cabs Ah Heeah!". Last week, Pauly D went from Supporting Actor to Best Actor with his debut in a National TV commercial for Miracle Whip which aired during American Idol and again during Jersey Shore and the Oscars. While Pauly D's hatred for Miracle Whip is adorable, I would say his Oscar-nomination-worthy performance was probably this little scene from last week's episode:

The days of The Situation and Snooki are over, as Pauly D is the one to watch on screen and off in the endorsement space. While Miracle Whip isn't a direct relationship with G.T.L. (gym, tanning, laundry), it is definitely a better product endorsement than Ronnie's Xenadrine weight loss infomercial. The quirky connection between Pauly D and Miracle Whip works, because both are sort of misunderstood, seen as strange by many and loved by some. The spot received buzz on Twitter and "Miracle Whip" was trending when the spot premiered on Wednesday. Watch the spot here, and ask yourself, Can Pauly D sell Miracle Whip a Miracle?

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