Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Love My Hoodie, So Does the Rest of America

The hoodie is as much an American clothing staple as blue jeans and a cotton shirt. Celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Justin Bieber wear them, CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg (and maybe just Mark Zuckerberg) wear them and even Jedi Knights have hoods! The reason why "hoodies" have become a recent obsession of mine is because my apartment is always freezing and I have become accustomed to throwing my hoodie on whatever I am wearing before I leave my apartment. It somehow in my mind makes me more presentable, even if I am wearing my pajamas underneath. A fashion faux pas or not, Americans find comfort (publicly acceptable snuggie!), anonymity (big hoods are good for hiding in) and practicality (pockets for holding keys, wallet and warming hands) in the one piece of clothing we all agree is awesome for both boys and girls--the hoodieeee.