Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Force is Strong for VW's New Commerical, A Scene-by-Scene Commentary

With over 2 million views (I'll take credit for 20 of them) in one day on YouTube, VW's "The Force" commercial starring a mini Darth Vader and the new 2012 Passat is already generating buzz even before airing in this Sunday's Super Bowl. Created by VW's US agency of record Deutsch LA, the one-minute spot is as epic as Star Wars itself--it's a tall tale of a tiny and determined boy who attempts and fails to use "the force" to defeat large and innocent household objects (those laundry machines are HUGE), but when faced against his largest opponent (a sleek looking Passat), mini Darth Vader and his really expressive hands are victorious.

The rewatch value on this spot is ridiculous (I'm probably up to 30 views by now). Maybe it's because I love Star Wars and I REALLY love kids... but probably has more to do with the fact that me and the rest of America BELIEVE THE FORCE IS REAL. Great consumer discovery Deutsch, now how did you get around using Star Wars without crediting George Lucas... poor Droid ads.

You can watch the full spot here, OR... 

Enjoy a special scene-by-scene commentary:
 Opening scene--John Williams' The Imperial March is playing, Commerical is already awesome but wait it gets better... DARTH VADER!
First Mission, Destroy Stupid Pointless Stationary Bike... Huuhtsszzzzzz (force sounds)
HHUUHHTZZZZZZ... the new Life Fitness heart monitoring ability is too powerful...
Onto Cody, my stupid lazy dog who broke my Nintendo DS! Huhhtsszzzzzzz (wide open fingers force!)
Cody is paralyzed by the force so I will destroy other innocent things in the meantime, HUUHHTSZZZ TAKE THAT LARGE CLEANING MACHINES (time out, who the hell has washing machines this large in their homes)
I will suck your stupid brains out baby Leia if the pinkness of this room hasn't done so already, Huhhtsszzzzz...
 Ahhh your innocent glare is too strong for my force... don't. look. into. the. eyes.
If I squeeze my fingers really carefully and hold very still maybe I can force my mom to buy me Lunchables
NOO MOM, not PB&J again!... What is that I hear? My evil arch nemesis Skywalker, now a more powerful 170 horsepower V6 engine car? 
NO DAD, get out of my WAY!
"We meet again, Young Skywalker." (Great Interior Product Shot, touche)
(Darth Vader's force pierces through Skywalker. Skywalker lets out one last moan)
HUH? Did I defeat the Young Skywalker?
No, actually push button start is a a new feature of the 2012 Passat that allows you to heat up the car from the outside of the vehicle (taken directly from VW's website)
This is me (Zeny) still speaking now: The dad is kind of hot, he has a cute Creative Director vibe
Darth Vader discovers how truly powerful he is and realizes he needs a nap. End Scene.

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