Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lil Wayne Proves He is America's Favorite Cookie (or the Biggest Cookie Monster!)

Today, Oreo is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most Facebook "likes" on a single post to solidify Oreo as the world's most "liked" cookie (surely Oreo is outgrowing its tagline as America's Favorite Cookie). Oreo currently has 100,642 likes which, according to the comment below, means its reached the record:
However, another chocolately treat had to rain on Oreo's good news--no not Ding Dongs--actually it was rapper Lil Wayne. I heard it first from Mashable that Lil Wayne decided to break some records himself today:
Lil Wayne probably did beat the record for most posts in 24 hours, because according to his Facebook Profile page, Lil Wayne has 430,686 likes in 6 hours--that is four times more likes than Oreo in almost half the amount of time.
I have never seen a "like" war or Social Brand attack of this scale before (moral of the story don't mess with Rappers or Justin Bieber fans); however, Oreo doesn't necessarily lose just because it doesn't beat the world record. With the added media attention and competitive factor, this probably catalyzed participation of all (Non-Lil Wayne) Oreo fans. And when it comes down to it, a pack of Oreos average at $4 while Lil Wayne's singles are selling at $1.29 per track on iTunes, how many Oreos do you think you will consume in your lifetime? A Milli probably.

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