Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a Small World, Help Japan

Living half way around the world in New York, it is easy to go out about our daily routines answering emails, sending text messages and checking Facebook updates, but thankfully, the internet and social networks make it very hard to forget the tragic disaster that shook Northern Japan. As the world gets smaller and smaller due to our ability to share online, our hearts should be as large as ever and willing to give back to those in need around the world. I am really proud of Vivaki the digital holding company I work for who will be matching employee donations up to $50K, of Red Cross' Twitter promoted trend #helpjapan raising awareness of the relief effort and of W+K's subtly powerful poster that will surely encourage people to donate. Many other media companies, artists and business are finding simple and innovative ways to help Japan.
Lady Gaga's "little monsters" can buy wristbands, all proceeds go to Japan relief efforts is selling specially designed T-shirts and all proceeds go to the Red Cross. The shirts are currently sold out online but should be back up soon.
In the end, the way or form that you donate should not matter, JUST THAT YOU DO. I have yet to visit Japan, but I did have a Japanese foreign exchange student Yasuko stay with me in middle school and have met countless compassionate Japanese people in my lifetime. They are gracious and polite people who have a great influence on fashion, technology, design and cuisine. This could happen to any country and anyone, so I ask that you spare what you can to help Japan.

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