Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Practice Safe Posting People

I find the recent Gilbert Gottfried and UCLA girl news somewhat alarming as to how easily "freedom of speech" can turn into a VERY poor life decision. It's a good thing President Obama and First Lady Michelle recently held a summit at the White House about educating the youth on the proper use of the internet because obviously some of the first generation of vloggers, tweeters and content creators are not practicing common sense. I have bigger issues to worry about than some girl's racists rants, but as an Asian American and human being, I think there's a lot everyone can learn from the lack of looting in Japan and how the Japanese have been "true to their moral code" even in a very dark time in their country. The internet allows us to share our perspectives and connect with people with the same passions, but we need to be more sensitive to the "public" visibility of content online. And I'm not talking about comedy because most people can tell the difference between an insensitive comment and a joke--and I don't think Gottfried or the UCLA girl was joking.

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  1. Nice post.. I think you can relate to this post in a different way than I and many others can since you are an Asian American but i'll only say this. I think Gottfried is a comedian and you have to expect comedians not to use proper judgement when talking because it's their job not to, and I think the UCLA girl has problems that many other people in the media have and that is closet-racism. Check out my blog post on this subject when you have the time.