Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jason's Hearty Birthday at Vinegar Hill House

I celebrated my dear friend Jason Ishikawa's birthday tonight at Vinegar Hill House in DUMBO, and in true Jason foodie fashion it was at an awesome restaurant with a very "hip" (in the authentic creative way) ambience. We feasted on a delicious dinner of fennel salad, chicken liver mousse, mussels and entree of pork chops, cast iron chicken or bass with cheese grits and brussels sprouts on the side--and if that wasn't enough hearty grub--for dessert, a guinness chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting! The silver lining about birthdays in your mid-20s is that you spend it with good food, good wine and good company instead of trashed or blacked-out with your head in the toilet. Wasn't that how you celebrated? I really have to thank Jason and my close group of awesome friends in New York (if you've played on the bus then you're included) for making my time here special, and now I understand why they chose to film a show about Friends in New York, BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE NO NEW YORK WITHOUT FRIENDS. Think about it.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Jason! Now, how about that shot of 151 and Rock Star?

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  1. aaww looks fun and delicious! Things like this place make me miss NYC! i found a speakeasy-type bar in London and felt like I was in the LES again!!! but yes, it would mean nothing without a good group of people :)