Friday, May 8, 2009

H&M Magazine = The Free Fashion Bible

Since age 12, I have been a magazine freak.  Old issues of Vogue, my aunt's stash of Glamour and Cosmo (I was probably too young then to be reading "101 Ways to Surprise Him in Bed"), $1.99 copies of Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Harper's Bazaar...  my favorites in high school were Nylon, ELLE, Marie Claire, InStyle and W (which reminds me, I have a stack of unread Ws waiting at home for me.  YAY, tan sesh).

BUT with the oh so unfortunate boom of online media, print media is dying.  While it's sad to see one magazine die after another, how can you compete with all the FREE MEDIA ON THE INTERNET? I'm an avid reader of NY Mag's Media Death Watch.

As for my present magazine reading habits:
  • I don't buy magazines anymore (recession remember?)
  • I take the extras from the mailroom
  • wait for my roommates to buy them
  • stand really long in CampCo skimming through them seeing if its worth buying
  • Or find scans online
I've found a cure to my need to see pretty clothes on glossy paper--H&M magazine.  It's everything I look for in a magazine, pretty clothes, cool spreads, trends of the season... and NOT drowning in ads.  It's FREE at H&M stores, distributed quarterly and actually a pretty good read.  It features a lot of different designers and brands besides H&M, and the magazine doesn't forget about the boys because every issue has a male fashion spread.

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  1. totally agree! Love the look of that magazine, i only wish there was a h&m in my local mall :/ Love your blog btw! Hope you can give mine a look! (=