Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's Get More Chucked!

One of the coolest/craziest people I know is art director Danny Lowe from Digitas NY, who's recent Converse project launched today! It's the Converse consumer site, and definitely much easier to navigate than the old one.
I've always worn the basic black, low top chucks until they were disgustingly dirty with holes, but now I can MAKE MY OWN CHUCKS. It's like NikeID where you choose what color, style, shoelaces, etc. I made these for my roommate Marisa (Styleze blogger):
She loves pink and zebra print. No really, our plates have zebra stripes and mixing bowls are pink.

BUT THE COOLEST PART of the new Converse site are their SKATE shoes... who knew Converse made skate shoes. I say it's about time, not just because I love skateboarders, but because I've always thought Emerica shoes looked a lot like chucks:
Converse's Skate shoes:
Congratulations D-Lowe on the site! Once again, Converse is proof that a recession is no time to stop innovating and ad spend.

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  1. thank you for my beautiful chucks! I HEART THEM. I am in a much better mood now! :)