Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kream of the Krop

I haven't been living up to my dailyness, but I promise to make it up with more letters to college. As for all you creatives out there, here's a great online portfolio hosting site and job database--Krop.

I created mine today:
I like the simple layout, apple-esque design and drop-down feature. The only downside is the FREE version only allows you to upload 10 images... bummer right? It costs $9.99 to upgrade to pro. Sites got to make money some how. 10 images will have to do until I get my portfolio site together.


  1. Have you tried looking at Behance? Behance has a huge database of the most talented people from around the world, its free also.
    For me its a huge source of inspiration and you dont have to have a portfolio to join, I'm simply whats known as a watcher where I simply follow my chosen designers. I can search every single creative field you can imagine and all the best designers from around the world submit their work here.
    Krop seems too limited and charging for the service makes me look elsewhere, yes the presentation is cool but I cant search this site at all.
    Take a look for yourself, and you can personalise it also :-)

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