Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why Twitter is Good for Mindless Entertainment

I was skeptical at first about joining Twitter, but it turns out Twitter is a gold mine of awesome information like ridiculous websites. It all comes down to who you "follow".

If you're a fan of FML (Fuck My Life)... then you'll love these sites I found from people's tweets:
  • Lamebook - Because this is the road Facebook is heading on

This type of crowdsourced, specific content is where I think the internet is going. Creating social networks, microsites and viral videos is so mid-2000s because there's enough of those out there. Internet users want to be entertained, informed... and these one-off sites are pretty damn funny. Plus, all the work is done because users are submitting content. Genius.


  1. I was literally just thinking about the implications of the sudden popularity of FML, Lamebook, etc.

    I think the demographic involved with these sites is really interesting, because it's younger (cooler?) people who probably wouldn't ordinarily engage in anything that they deemed tech-y things, or even anything not self-serving. But now, social norms are shifting and people are getting involved in creating their own entertainment, even if it is mindless.