Thursday, May 21, 2009

Star in Your Own Video Game!

Turns out I get to go to DISNEYWORLD for graduation after all. My family and I couldn’t get on stand-by to go home to Honolulu, so we took a flight to Orlando out of Chicago.

Unfortunately, Disneyworld was a bust because of the awful downpour that lasted the entire day and a half I was in Orlando. Epcot was one giant puddle and Disney’s vibrant colors were washed out like cell walls. Disney was having a field day selling $8 ponchos on top of charging $75 for admission and not having to put on any of the outdoor shows. The rain was a big bummer but I still had fun.
The BEST part of Epcot was Futureworld--a nerdy kid’s (me) dream come true filled with machines, cars, space, inventions and innovations. My siblings and I checked out the IBM exhibit at Innoventions and made a video game with ourselves in it:Play the GAME, the victory dance won't disappoint.

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