Sunday, August 9, 2009

NYC Picture Post: Apt Hunt, 911, BJ Penn

Starbucks' new natural, homegrown look hoping to rid its uber-corporate reputation. 'It's not just coffee, it's Starbucks.'
Fingers crossed that I get this East Village dig with a spiral staircase & skylightI witnessed a serious car accident at 96 & 3rd and had to call 911. A van with children got T-boned and crashed into a light pole. Good thing no one was seriously hurt, but seeing the whole scene play out was very scary and disturbing to know that this happens often.
UFC 101... yea Hawaii-boy BJ PENN won!
'Snakes on a Cane' street art throughout East Village
Witnessed an epic light saber battle in Union Square


  1. BJ Penn.. rear naked chokes ALL DAY SON!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, if you get that place.. be careful when youre drunk. i saw some nasty shit at this once place involving alchohol, one of those staircases, and chipped teeth.