Friday, August 7, 2009

The Mad Marketing of Mad Men

Give it to a show about advertising to be really good at it. Mad Men's Season Three premiere push is going all out with outdoor posters, behind-the-scenes video hosted on the AMC site, MadMenYourself personalized 60's illustration in downloadable icon, fb photo or wallpaper form, Banana Republic partnership and casting call--and now, a full-fledged events calendar for the week of the premiere!

Events include:
  • a Video installation about 1960s Advertising at the MAD (Museum of Art and Design)
  • 'Drink like a MadMan' specials at different bars in Manhattan
  • a Screening Event for the Season Three Premiere where attendees must be decked out in their 'swankiest sixties' attire
This campaign just makes SENSE in every sponsorship, partnership and media channel choice. THANK YOU MAD MEN MARKETERS FOR GETTING IT RIGHT. I've been trying to find out who's responsible for this brilliance, whether it's AMC or an agency. If you know who it is, let me know, so I can write them a love letter.

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