Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is

During the So You Can Think You Can Dance finally on FOX, a cane wrapped by snakes with the URL flashed briefly on the screen, long enough to spark curiosity and launch an effective viral campaign. I went to the site and it's a countdown for... something? I don't know what, but very clever move whatever it is/you are.
The logo is a caduceus, a Greek symbol often used as a symbol for medicine. Some predict it's for FOX's show House, but according to the site there's only 11 days until the season premiere, not the 46 days stated on the countdown.
I'm sure in the next week, more clues will roll out through multiple media channels (mostly digital I assume and scattered across blogs and entertainment sites). If not, I'll find out what it is in a month and a half--if I still care.


  1. on second thought, it is House.
    46 days away is September 21, the premiere of the new season

  2. the countdown on the official "House" website is a countdown for the next RE-RUN of House (which is shown regularly on Monday nights).

    No doubt, this is a viral marketing campaign for the Season 6 Premiere. I'm excited to see if they do anything else to the site! :)