Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finding the Right NYC Apt

Finding a NYC apartment is like looking for a husband. It sucks big time. You can't expect to get much, especially when it comes to size, and the good ones go fast. After scoping out Williamsburg, Gramercy, Murray Hill and East Village, I realized I could get a trendy, clean apt that lacked in size OR a sad, badly maintained, spacious dig. It's like choosing between Tom Cruise or Seth Rogen. I'd be okay with them but not happy.

Then fate stepped in. My roommate and I, discouraged by our East Village search, bumped into a guy wearing a t-shirt on the street outside a quaint walk-up. Everything sort of just went on from there....

My first step into the 2-bedroom apartment, I was taken in by its sexy spiral staircase and skylight that lit up the whole place. Blinded by instant attraction, I ignored ALL its flaws (small fridge, no living room, tiny bedrooms), but I knew I wanted to live there. It's like your first love, you don't actually think of what it would be like, you just know you want to be with the other person.

Whether it's love or a one-night stand, I'm tied down to this baby for a year. We'll see how this turns out. For the time being, I'm excited!

Apt photos:
The kitchen/(lack of) living area
Staircase leads to our own private deck where you can see the Empire State Building!You can't say no to a clean bathroomMy bedroomTJ's (I just named my apt) only weakness is my roommate's 7.5'x7' bedroom. I know :( ... but there's a spiral staircase & deck!
Can't wait to get TJ some plants from Union Square farmer's market and start using the deck!


  1. wow Zeny! i love seeing what people's apts look like! nice find! i would have been sold on the spiral staircase too :)

  2. your view is the best!! and clean bathroom is gold.

  3. Amazing! Bright and clean! Ugh can't wait for my search to be over... People here pass closets as apartments...