Saturday, January 9, 2010

BU Beats BC at Frozen Fenway

Five months ago when the Boston University vs. Boston College hockey game at Boston Red Sox's Fenway Park was officially announced, I have been dreaming about what the glorious January 8, 2010 would be like--the crisp smell of clean arena ice, ball park food, hockey jerseys, lots of layers and (if I'm lucky) a nice consistent snowfall. Last night was exactly all of that. It was a magical, frigid night, temperatures in the low 'teens. I almost lost some toes, but it is okay because BU won the game 3-2!

Photo Recap:
Reese and I got matcing Hockey East Frozen Fenway 2010 BU Sherpa beanies
National Anthem--Check out the pretty snowfall!
Fenway even updated the Park scoreboard with the hockey game scoreI absolutely loved the BU Fenway jerseys which Coach Parker designed himself. Unfortunately, the jerseys will not be replicated and the team will be the only ones with it. I guess it makes it even more special. I must say the Red Sox font and blades on the Red Sox logo are pretty awesome. Photo courtesy of The Daily Free Press.
Our seats were right behind the BU bandSasquatch made a late third period appearanceLast night reminded me why I love this city, why I love BU, why I love this sport and why I should probably invest in long wool socks and winter boots.

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