Wednesday, January 6, 2010

H&M Cuts Holes In Unused Clothes? TRUE!

After the NY Times and several other New York publications and blogs revealed how some H&M New York stores are destroying and trashing unused clothes instead of donating them, people are voicing their distaste for H&M through H&M's Facebook Page and Twitter Feeds.

My friends Larissa, Ilana and I know first-hand that H&M does cut holes and trash unused clothes on the street, because ten months back, while searching for the famous chicken and rice stand we stumbled upon a giant pile of trashed H&M clothes outside the 51st St location and took them. There was rings, bracelets, hair clips, beanies, heels, sandals, scarfs, shirts, sweaters, etc. The only issue with the clothes was that there were randomly cut holes in it and the shoes were missing its matching pair.

You can read about it in my dumpster diving escapade post. Here's a blurb:

'Larissa on the other hand is more interested in digging in people's trash. We pass by H&M where there's a four foot high pile of bags of shoes, clothes, accessories, swimwear. It was all crap, but for some reason, we thought we struck gold. I grab a box and we throw all sorts of crap in it, heels, tights, bracelets, corsets, thongs, etc.

We are sitting on the sidewalk digging through a box of stuff that is cut up, shoes are mix matched and I give up. Larissa, my hero, doesn't and uses an existing garbage bag to hold all the stuff.'

Here are some photos of us dragging the trashed clothes:
H&M took down these photos after they were posted on the Facebook fan page saying it was an isolated incident.

At least from this PR nightmare, H&M is aware of the problem and select stores will change their ways. I'm still a fan of the store and its affordable, stylish clothes. So no hard feelings... but stop cutting holes! And donate the clothes, it's cold. Really Cold.

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