Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's ALL Fun & Games At Carnival

Last night, I celebrated yet another birthday with my dear college pal Sophie at Union Square's Carnival. It is hard to top previous Sophie B-day Bonanzas--Freshman year at Dick's Last Resort, 80s night at Aberdeen and the Atrium Pre-Privus Pre-Party, but last night was unexpectedly ENTERTAINING! There was Betty Page 50s porno on big screens, a shirt-less juggler, a contortionist, a retro gogo dancer on stilts and a real gogo dancer! Good clubbin' tunes all night--Ke$ha, Gaga, Journey--and their drinks were quite potent. I recommend the Twizzle Cocktail--vodka, lemonade, grenadine w/ a twizzler served in a keepsake glass.

I got the cheese I expected at Carnival, but surprisingly it didn't stink! The crowd was hot (and I'm not just talking about Sophie's entourage). Lots of short dresses, sports jackets and leather booties, no sleezy. I do recommend coming here on a weekend ONLY, and get your game face on because this place is no joke.

Photo recap:
Sophie found a balloon penis and enjoyed pretending it was her bachelorette party Inside the Fun House
Muss getting low
Steve getting high
Random guys jumping in pictures
Sophie receiving her prize of the night from a very hipster Carnival worker
Happy faces :)


  1. Yeah Carnival! Nice recap of the night, although I gagged a little with the Twizzle mention. Still somewhere in my system...!

  2. So fun! And I love that we celebrated all my bdays (Except Junior Yr in Australia) together. xx

  3. LOVED that place. but it was definitely a game-face place... appropriate for only the best of birthdays