Monday, January 25, 2010

Why My First Rangers Game Sucked But Didn't

January 25 was another eventful hockey night this year, it marks my first ever Rangers game at Madison Square Garden against one of my fav NHL teams and Stanley Cup Champs the Pittsburgh Penguins. It would also be my first time seeing former BU captain and Hobey Baker winner Matt Gilroy play since the 2009 NCAA National Championship in DC, and my first time seeing Crosby play in real life and not just on my 27" TV.

The Pens scored first, while the Rangers struggled to match the Pens offensively throughout the game. Avery didn't punch anyone and Gaborik didn't score, so naturally, the Pens kicked Rangers ass and won 4-2.

Even though I felt like I was watching a mediocre college hockey game (only 14 shots at the end of the first) and Rangers fans were booing the team for more than half the game, THE GAME WAS STILL FUN BECAUSE:

1) I am a fan of both teams, so EVERY goal was a GOOD goal. I could only come out a winner.
2) Don Draper was at the game. And, you all know how much I effing love Don Draper.
3) My $12 Bacardi-spiked Strawberry drink came in a blinking, siren-like plastic jug that can only be classified as unnecessarily-distracting-and-quite-possibly-the-coolest-cup-alive.
3) Two words: Sidney Crosby (#87).4) Again, seeing one of my favorite BU players play professionally... Matty Gilroy #97.
5) The tickets were a gift from my sweetie for Christmas. The NHL has a conspiracy against us, we are 0-4 in witnessing a home-team win. I guess this means more NHL games until the curse is broken!
6) It's funny to see hockey couples. He's the highest scoring forward and she's the sieve. How appropriate.
This hockey field trip to MSG took a toll on my wallet (damn, blinking cup!), so probably no more hockey adventures for a while... or is it? Vancouver anyone?

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