Monday, November 21, 2011

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Take Your 5 Year-Old to a Katy Perry Concert

Last Wednesday I won 2 free tickets to see Katy Perry at MSG through a Twitter Contest from @JustDance_Game. How could I say no? I mean, after all, it was Katy Perry's Firework that launched my TV commercial career.

I was surrounded by girls no older than 15 and as young as 5 dressed in sequined tops, fish nets, pink wigs and way too much silver eye shadow accompanied by their middle age moms and dads. Some girls even had to stand on their seats to see the concert.

Maybe it's Katy Perry's sweet bubble gum pinup image or parents just don't listen hard enough to her lyrics but parents who take their kids to a Katy Perry concert must not care how sexually charged Katy's songs and stage presence are. For example:

1) Katy opens the concert screaming "slut! slut! SLUT!" as a dancer dressed in a slot machine costume runs around stage
2) Katy takes a bite out of a giant "magical" pot brownie
3) Katy jokes about infidelity by kissing a boy in the audience
4) Katy rubs her crotch, spreads her legs and moons young girls all around her
5) She sprays water into the crowd in the finale - This is more of a concern for everyone's cell phones

Although Katy might be extremely dirty, the concert surprisingly made me respect and appreciate her as a singer, performer and artist. Her set was decked out like Alice in Wonderland and her outfits was literal eye-candy (she wore candy buttons and candy cane inspired dresses). She cracked jokes that were actually pretty funny, played guitar, did a Whitney Houston cover and was an overall blast--maybe that's why parents takes their kids to see Katy Perry because secretly they just want to have some fun themselves. If you're a fan of her hits and above the age of 13, I recommend checking out her concert!
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