Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Moment Is Too Surreal, It's Almost 11/11/11

The day I have been waiting for, I want to say 3 years, will be here in half an hour and I'll be sound asleep. Before I sleep and wake up a year older, I just want to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the past 5 years. From Boston, New York, London to Brooklyn, I have been sooo fortunate to meet amazing kickass people, reunite with the best friends anyone can ask for and bond with a family I can only describe as 'crazy' (the good kind).

I would not change anything. Not even that Godzilla night.

From this day forward, I want to put the "chase" aside--the constant need to plan ahead, move quickly, think fast--and enjoy what I feel is and will be the happiest moments of my life.

Thanks to everyone (especially the 2009 BU Hockey Team) and Happy 11/11/11!

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