Sunday, April 12, 2009

Destination D.C. - The Drama that is BU Hockey

The three most significant milestones in life are:
  1. Your Wedding Day
  2. Birth of your first child
  3. The day that your favorite sports team wins a National Title!!
Saturday night, BU played in the national championship game in D.C. against Miami University (Ohio) and tied up the game in the last minutes of the the third period after being down two goals... all I have to say is that when BU scored that second goal to make it BU 2-3... I was sooooo scared to watch the 59 seconds left on the clock tick away.

BUT being BU, they always find a way to come back and get the win, even if it means giving the fans an aneurism.  Nick Bonino's tying goal in the last minute of the game blew up the student section (you would have thought we won the game or something).  All of us were in disbelief, at this point, BU wasn't going to let a Miami overtime goal happen and we knew it. Bodies were everywhere.  People just jumped on each other and hugged strangers and the screaming didn't stop. 
IT WAS AMAZING... then Colby Cohen scored an OT goal, sudden death of Miami, and BU ARE THE NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!! THIS IS THE MOMENT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MY FOUR YEARS AT BU, and it happened at my very last game.  The world is good again.

BU fans in D.C. cheered down L street, directed traffic and announced to the city that BU was National Champs... if D.C. wasn't a hockey city before, it is now.  It's been an amazing four years being a part of BU hockey and I couldn't be happier with this finish.

Champions DO play here

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