Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Post Dedicated To Marisa Lynn Star

I've been a very lucky girl recently because all my favorite people who live far away have made a stop in NYC. Last week was sushi, sake and dancing with Sindoni and this week my dearest Californian Marisa Lynn Star is here! Like the times she visited before, a weekend with Marisa is nothing short of "celicious" (you'll have to ask her what that means). Due to freezing point temperatures, we've opted to stay in Brooklyn--dumplings at M Shanghai, dancing at The Woods and brunch at Rye. Dumplings, dancing and brunch--how could that go wrong?

Photo recap:
Updated the scrabble message board just for Marisa
Awesome Beef (this really is what the dish is called) at M Shanghai
 Pregame at Sophie's
 Brunch at Rye! I was super disappointed they no longer have the pork belly sandwich on their menu :(
But they do have the Rye Benedict, which has pork belly
I demolished the House Smoked Sturgeon
 Ted photobombing
If you can't tell by our frigid expressions, it was pretty cold out.

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