Saturday, January 28, 2012

Year of the Dragon Definitely Won't Be A Drag

Craving a bowl of won ton mein, my roommates and I headed to our go-to roast duck and jook (sometimes referred to as congee by less cool people) joint Big Wong's in Manhattan Chinatown. Just our (bad) luck, Chinese New Year celebrations were going on, so the streets were littered with little kids, confetti and silly string. If I wasn't so hungry, the lion dancing and cymbal banging wouldn't bother me but it was preventing me from my noodles. It's a good thing Big Wong's is so quick at serving food. Instantly our won ton mein, char siu chong fun and jook was devoured and our bellies satisfied--all for only $15!

The Chinese New Year festivities reminded me that today is my brother Zadrian's 14th birthday!! Zadrian also lion dances and does kung fu in Hawaii and will be performing at the 63rd Narcissus Coronation Ball at the Hilton Hawaiian Village today. I'm so amazed and proud of how quickly he has learned the jongs--lion dancing on 8 ft. poles--you can watch his awesome performance from a few weeks ago at the end of this post. 

After grocery shopping, we stopped by Quickly's for some Bubble Milk Tea and mini cakes from the food stand outside.
The video below is of my brother Zadrian and his lion dance company Gee Yung at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. He's the head player in the pink lion. Warning in advance, my little sister Zoe filmed the video which explains the low angle:

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