Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Don't Eat Chinese Often But When I Do I Eat At Cafe China

Chinese New Year is this Monday and since I am full Chinese and don't want to dishonor my family, I really should start consuming massive amounts of Chinese food. Thankfully my roommate Ben had his 25th birthday at Cafe China, located in the Midtown East/Murray Hill area, which served authentic Szechuan (the spicy kind!) Chinese food. I can't explain how extremely satisfying, delicious and spicy-in-a-good-way the food was. All the dishes were served family-style and everyone had a bowl of rice in hand; it was like eating a home-cooked meal.

My favorite part was the appetizers, which we ordered pork in garlic dressing, mouthwatering chicken, dan dan noodles and jellyfish in scallion pesto sauce (a personal request). For entrees, I recommend ordering the fragrant fish fillet, pan-fried lamb and braised pork (the pork belly!). Ugh, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

I rarely get Chinese food outside of Chinatown--with the exception of M Noodle shop across in my hood which has become the go-to late-night dumpling and scallion pancake joint by default--but I would actually venture to Cafe China on 37th between Madison and 5th Ave and that's saying A LOT. For those who like a little culture with their cuisine, Cafe China's decor is reminiscent of a Wong Kar-Wai movie and to top it off you can order an In the Mood For Love cocktail.

Hannah & Noah with the Birthday boy
Jason's rocking the pose
So is Sean but not Jack
 Ted and Gabs are so professional with their (wine) glasses
Sauteed String Beans and Pan-fried Lamb With Scallion
Chungking Braised Fish in Red Soup
Fragrant Fish Filet, Braised Pork Szechuan Style and Ma Po Tofu
Watch a quick clip about Cafe China from CHOW:

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