Friday, January 6, 2012

I Won't Be Watching Season 5 of Jersey Shore

Tonight was the premiere of MTV's Jersey Shore Season 5, as Snooki and crew head back to Seaside Heights to party at Karma and sell statement tees at the boardwalk, and I didn't care to watch it.

No, I am not a Jersey Shore hater and don't judge anyone who watches it. As matter of fact, I was pretty obsessed with seasons 1-3 (watched 4, not so obsessed) and even wrote a blog post defending and commending the Jersey Shore crew a year and a half ago. But since the Italy season, I started losing interest. Maybe it was because Sammie and Ronnie finally got along or there weren't enough grenades in Florence, but the show started to get repetitive and old. Team Meatballs' drunken antics were extreme but expected, you know, the Lady Gaga effect--when you consistently try to be over the top it gets tiring to watch at some point.

This combined with the fact that I recently turned a quarter century and am making changes in my life to grow up--the last thing I need is to watch a bunch of late 20 year-olds trying so hard not to. I have no doubt Season 5 will be entertaining, Deana will flash her "kuka" and Pauly D will coin some genius phrase ("Yeah Buddy!") but this is my sincerest farewell to my dearest Jersey Shore cast, it's been nice knowing ya. Stay classy Jersey Shore.

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