Monday, June 1, 2009

Nikon has it Right On with Ashton & MTV

Nikon was the camera brand my photography teacher recommended when buying a SLR camera. This was six years ago when digital point and shoots were showing up in purses, digital SLRs were introduced and Kodak was struggling to be relevant in a world that stopped using film.

I can't even remember the last time I smiled for a camera that used film. Camera brands Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, SONY and Nikon jumped into digital developing cameras that are slimmer, longer zoom, higher pixels, larger LCD screen, special effects... now TOUCHSCREEN!

Nikon got it right to have Ashton Kutcher, the most lovable (and pretty to look at) spokesperson on TV today, to demonstrate how to use Nikon's new Coolpix cameras. Ashton's appeal reaches young girls in their teens (the big bro fantasy), ladies like me (possible bf material) or older women on the prowl (who envy Demi). Ashton's Coolpix microsite has a feature where you can upload photos onto "Ashton's" camera. I tried it out and had to choose a category that described my photo. I chose "Kegger".
Click below to watch Ashton freak out about my photoYesterday, Nikon powered a cool photo booth at the MTV Movie Awards called Fashion 360.You can view red carpet fashions in 360, as your favorite celeb stands within a ring of Nikon digital cameras. It's very 'sports replay' like. Nice Coolpix ad placement on the MTV site Nikon, well played.

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  1. haha zeny! i love the pic you chose for the ashton thing :) How did he know to say 'key stand'?
    Also, at my internship in Sydney, we used a 360 camera to capture water exploding in slow motion. those cameras are amazing and SO expensive!